Friday, August 29, 2008

Stage one of Aug 29th, boy, girl and collectable postcards

I have started stage 1 of the postcard project, which is one of the hardest: matching the person to the postcard, particularly if the person hasn’t given you much to go on. “I’d love a postcard” – errr, does that mean you want hardcore boy/boy love? Or nice anime girls? Or some nature scenes? Or an artists painting?

I decided to use some of my “treasure” cards this week including this card which is made of semi-transparent plastic which is imprinted with the image, and then a white sticker is added to the back for writing. I had been saving it as it is one of the rare and “collectable” kind. But then I asked, “Elizabeth, who exactly are you collecting these FOR?” So I looked down the list till I found the right name and decided I was collecting it for them!

I also, being me, have some nice anime girls, but everything is PG rated, just an assortment from Japanese Kimonos to someone obsessed with apples. Oh, yeah, and then there is that boy/boy love picture in the top right corner, um, well, all we know is that they are just “good friends”! Just keep saying that.

And for those who like guys (which due to some strange genetic trait, a lot of females do), here are some of the guy pics; and some of these guys are actually interested in girls (like Mr. Chest). Now he having his shirt off I don’t mind. The real guy a day ago in front of me going up the hill who overflowed his pants so no belt could be seen and who I thought of grabbing two handfuls of back hair to have him pull me up the hill. See, him taking off the shirt, and undershirt was wrong! Wrong, except maybe it will make more girls start looking at the nice girls going jogging instead. So hey, take off that shirt whenever you want (shudder!).

That’s it, I have some more cards but instead of talking about them or taking pics of them I am going to get working on them and then take them to stage 2 and 3. So will post again (maybe) if I have some good story told in blocks and stickers this week.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A late week in August, the Project rolls on

The postcard project has been continuing every week, some weeks are better than others. We created a computer spreadsheet with all the names of people sent postcards to try and make sure people don’t fall through the cracks and also find out if someone hasn’t been sent one in a while. This Monday we posted 32 postcards, so I hope some of them have already started arriving, six in Canada and the rest to UK, Europe, Australia and the USA. I sure would like some more people to sign up for the postcard project in New Zealand or places like that.

This week we had some new wood block and rubber stamps to try out, but with the slicker Japanese postcards and the wood pulp North American ones you never really know what you get until you try. Here are a couple of the fronts of the cards, some tending toward the Goth, the one in the lower left was sort of a mixture of isolation and melancholy. Cheerful card eh, but after much debating that is what seemed right, sometimes I can’t tell if what I am sending reflects them or me.

The black is turning out well as is the new rubber block of the raven (always in black!), which combined in this card with some animals to make a nice clear image.
Since I had so many cards, after a while my imagination ran away with me and I ended up using the wood blocks and the rubber stamps to create stories if I could (after which we would add the stickers). So here we have a simple story, which is sort of about grave robbing and how that might be a bad profession as it could lead to a sticky end, if you know what I mean, since selling bodies you end up meeting all sorts of not so nice people. Did I mention we had a lot of Goth this week. Here are some more of the cards, as you can see, we have skeleton Joggers, does that count as Goth or not?
Well then we got sort of crazy with the Goth Theme or I did with some assistance from Cheryl. On this card there is this whole sort of story which kind of goes, that you should probably not dig up a lot of bodies in case some be zombies and wander off (the trail of bloody footprints fade...) and some be even worse than that (the UNDEAD, the Vampire!). I am very proud of the way I got the bandage to look like old dried blood – that took a bit of colour mixing!

Here are four cards that are special. The red fairy was sent in by a reader, for use and so I sent it on, which I think is what they wanted, so thank you for that. The one of the two girls talking on the bench was a theme of friendship. While the smiling person out in a sea of flowers was sort of about vision and maybe about projects like this an others when disability seperates you, or artistic vision.

Then there was the Cat themed card back, I like the cat chasing the mouse (sorry if you like mice – but on the good news he never seems to catch him). As for the cat getting into a glass, that just seems like sticking your head between two steel bars kind of stupid.

And we finished off with this sort of ode or odd (depending on yoru view) to science and art, a collection of both, but still not too bad for such a small card. Anyway, those were a few of the 32 we sent out this week. Right now I am sorting out the ones for processing and stamping and the whole thing starts again. I tend to post on Saturday or Monday so after a day of rest (Tuesday) it is good to get the whole thing up and running again. I know this is sort of an odd sort of blog (and hobby) but I wanted readers to know that creativity does go into the selection of each card as well as the creation of the back of each one. And if you want to get a postcard, you just have to send an email to mpshiel at with the title postcard and your name and address (sexual orientation and a few interests help too but that isn’t essential).

Anyway, back to work for me!