Thursday, January 15, 2009

In comes 2009; and I could send more postcards...if I was a cyborg!

2009 came in with bad health and bad weather, and all the more need for postcards. While the postal system was still reeling from the Xmas onslaught, and everyond had the post-Xmas blues, we sent out large numbers of postcards, in the 40’s and 50’s, and 80’s.

Different cards for different people, trying to find a postcard to match to every person, to match to every desire. The only problem was ME. I developed ill health which twice limited the posting of postcards for that week; this last week only 44 postcards were sent instead of the 80 selected, stamped and waiting for the final touches. Admittedly I AM the weak link in the chain. But I am also the strong link which is willing to research everything a person has said or commented to find out what type of postcard would interest them the most.

I like this card, which we sent out as a Canadian Festival, Cheryl, my sister did the stamping and the decorating, I did the light lifting of just writing the postcard. Indeed, without the creative input of Cheryl and Linda; as well as the donations of postcards, stickers and rubber stamping from four continents, our project would just reflect my view. And while interesting, it is not quite as diverse mind as can create the many different visions we all participated in making with our NEW rubber stamps. Can you guess who made which postcard?

Now this postcard was mine, because while I didn’t WANT to do it, I am willing to decapitate a heron for Catboy love. Honestly, what can compare to the delight of making the ears twitch of your lover by petting them. Seriously, we humans have to work more on that!

I do, we do, take the longest period of time in selecting a card, because each card needs to expression an emotion whether that is Romance, a Young Man running to Adventure or just pushing the frontiers with space girls with guns!

And sometimes, the perfect card is the one which expresses the TRUE nature, as this one with cats does. I love it because it sums up cat perfectly, the expression on the gray cat as it deliberately scratches the woman trying to hug it while the brown one bounces off with glee! That is the attitude of cats. Don’t want the hugging when YOU do, but do they sit on your face for attention at 5:00 am? Oh yeah!

Here are some more of the cards we sent out over the last few weeks including some of ‘femme fatale’ postcards that we received from the Amazon wish-list for the Postcard Project. I was tempted to keep the “This Dame Dies Soon” but I felt I just didn’t have the, um, cleavage to carry it off! There are some classic children’s tales from Europe and America illustrated there as well as a poor Ragged Anne Doll. Oh the things our dolls survived!

The whole point of the back of the postcard is to make the point, loud and clear that this person is SPECIAL. And however they want to be seen as special, whether that is Mecha figures, girls having fun or fun to watch anime girls, the point is that I, Linda or Cheryl or all three try to create the ultimate in a visual overload (death with our postcard in hand have not yet been reported). Yes, this postcard is not mass produced it is made just for YOU. And just for the you that is NOW. And so far, the over 400 people and over 1,400 postcards that have been sent out have not had any significant complaints beyond, “Hey, where is it, when is it coming!” In which case, we just make another.