Saturday, October 31, 2009

3,000 done - Step right up: Free Halloween and Hawaii Postcards for all!

In North America it is Halloween, so here is an Edward Gorey Rubber Stamp Tribute to Halloween. Of course, since Halloween SEASON doesn’t end until the 5th of Nov in the UK, no reason you can’t request a nice Halloween postcard to keep the joy the season going. After I have: skulls, ravens, graveyards, vampires, dancing skeletons and one rubber stamp I call the ‘The Skeleton King of New Orleans’ as well as ‘the librarian’ (yes, also a skeleton!). And then there are the stickers.

In case you haven’t been here before this is Elizabeth’s Postcard Project. The idea is simple: if for whatever reason you want a postcard or you know someone who could use a postcard then just email me (at mpshiel at I will make up a postcard and sent it as soon as possible (arrives within 2 weeks usually anywhere in the world) and presto, a postcard, with full decorations and joy arrives at your home/work/P.O. Box/Oil Rig/Army mail call, etc. So, have a friend who is down? Are you bored in class? Just starting at Uni/College and want something to put on your corkboard? Do you know a relative who has had bad news and could use some cheering up? Then let me know. The grand cost to you is: ZERO, nothing, free, nada! That’s right: The Postcard Project is based on the principle that sometimes, when people care, cost is irrelevant – not even a factor. And I care.

And we are just hitting 3,000 postcards that I have sent out. Every one, completely FREE. Want a penpal, want a e-card, want an e-postcard – why not get the real thing and have a postcard you can hold in your hand you know that I spent up to three or more hours creating. And personalized, handwritten just for YOU.

I have come back from The Big Island of Hawaii, where things are wild, and the are rare, and endangered Sea Turtles. Here is a postcard of one.
There are the Hawaii Sunsets but also things like a Valley of ancient kings, surrounded by 1,500 foot cliffs and 1,400 foot waterfalls. There are unusual and rare flowers, there is erupting lava (and I saw it, in my wheelchair, erupting and exploding into the sea). There are of course the sunsets and sunrises of Hawaii, a Tropical part of the USA. I like the lava, lots of postcards of LAVA!

As it happens I spent a LOT of time looking for postcards, rare postcards, popular postcards of Hawaii. And right now I am having a special Hawaii Sale: Order one Hawaii postcard for you and you can order one for a friend completely free (just email me!). But seriously, if you would like a Hawaii postcard, even if you are a regular reader of my Screw Bronze Blog, or get postcards from me, now is the time to let me know, okay? Because I could only carry back so many, and once they are gone, they are GONE. I can’t go back, as New Orleans is in my future, I hope.

Not just postcards, but way up on the coast I found a store where they had stickers and others types of stickers for photobooking (ack, I got that wrong). But that means that these Vellum Stamps of the shells of Hawaii are first come first serve (because I only got what they had, and that wasn’t much, and they were kind pricey – being vellum – I am raising the cost on by charging only NOTHING for the Hawaii postcards – seriously, how many times will I say it before people believe me, the postcards are free!).

There are also these cool retro stickers of Hawaii, that I will be using up because I could only grab what they had, and what I could carry off on the wheelchair. Not to mention I got a few of these cool retro Hawaii postcards of the Clipper Airships. I love those airplanes, and wish I got to fly on one.
I also, as always, have a selection of Anime, art, science, astronomy, and other types of postcards, only the absolute best. I am somewhat picky that way. And when you write me, just let me know a few of your interest so that I can make the decorations on the back of your postcard suit you. For instance, if you like animals, this leopard and Panda would be up your alley. And here is a selection of cards sent out, oversized, from limited edition collectors runs, of CLAMP, Black Butler posts to show you that all orientations are catered toward. Whether into open, gothic lolita, heterosexual couples, dating couples, lesbian/yuri couples, gay/yaoi couples or just plain old dark goth of a guy sitting on a pile of skulls (classic image), let me know what you like and I will try to send it. Please note, there is occasionally some confusion as I am not a shop, I am a person with an disability and indoors and trying to make a different for the positive. So if you send me an email saying, “I would like 3 postcards of mint harley’s, all postcards from between 1950 and 1970” I will probably send you an email back saying, “Yes, wouldn’t we all!”. But if motorcycles is one of your interests, I will try to send you a motorcycle postcard or decoration.

To give you an idea, here is some of the stamping decoration that HAS gone already, from Whales to gardens with cats chasing butterflies (also cars and motorcyles, planes and boats for those into that) (click on the images to see them closer). From books to a British thatched roof farmhouse and wall, these are the types of decorations which may come with your postcards (yes, you will, unless I die dramatically, get another, and another as I go through the list and come back to your name) along with stickers. It is a bit of fun and it is supposed to BE fun, for you and for me.

To give you an idea of the variety here is a display of a weeks worth of postcards, from children’s postcards of baby animals, to anime couples, baseball, to old advertisements, waterfalls, sunsets and anime Halloween!
So yes, I am still alive and kicking and so is the project, heading around 3,000 (probably past that by the time you read this) and heading towards 4,000. There is no assembly line, just you, what you like and what might make you happy. As a teaser, I just got in this set of postcards on old libraries (and old books too), those memories of wood panel libraries, the best of them, so if you are interested in a Hawaii postcard, or a library postcard, just let me know by email and don’t forget a name and a place to send it and it will appear.

Presto – Magic!