Monday, November 23, 2009

Free Postcards (sarcasm) Really? "...please where can I buy a unicorn?"

An anonymous comment today on the postcard project stated the cynicism we are all so used to with simply: “...please where can I buy a unicorn?” Meaning, ‘yeah right, where is the section for unicorn and flying pigs?’

Does a comment like that hurt when last week I sent out 59 postcards to 4 continents where you can see here besides the ones I have up to six people’s gifts of postcards to the project? Yes, it hurts because I hear a person who is hurting. I wish they would have requested a postcard instead. And I wish that if they requested on and it didn’t come, just let me know, I will send another – and keep sending them until they get through.
In a time when it seems to be bad news, bad economy and so much anger and frustration why am I fiddling around with sending postcards? Because of comments like the one above, where people get hurt or so tired of trying and having the door slammed in their face, they don’t want to try any more from fear of being hurt. I don’t want to hurt them, but to help them feel that maybe not everything is bad, and not all people are stereotypes and with the vast amount of spam, not all blogs or people are out to try and get you.

I admit that due to my neuropathy and other medical condition the number of postcards I can do in a week is less, 59 instead of 71 or 35 instead of 48. But I am still going on, and sending out a couple hundred a month, now somewhere around 3,200-3,300 postcards sent. And I don’t do it alone. My sister and my partner help me, so many people over the last year have posted everything from postcards to stickers to stamps to help. And it all does help go back out there. Because there is where the people are who are having a gray day and could use a nice flower, or Hawaiian girl to cheer them up.
I sent out Halloween postcards, because who can resist a ‘spooky’ Hello Kitty? And I get to use all the fun stamps like the ‘King of New Orleans’ raising his Zombie army! Bwahahaha! It is fun and it is supposed to be, both for me and for those who receive the postcards.

Everyone who sends something to me at the address below:

Elizabeth McClung
P.O. Box 2560
Port Angeles, WA

For the donations that arrive I try to make sure to send at least one post card back to them (if the return address can be read), because they are part of the family now, as it were. For children here, I am using some of my stickers but some stickers that have been donated by various individuals (thank you so much!).

For those who write back, I send postcards and letters back. To engage, to start a dialogue and get to know someone is a great joy, a great opportunity. I have been given this chance to get to know so many people. And if I don’t hear from others I hope having something to look at, to touch, to feel, to read, even as simple as a postcard they ‘get it is NOT spam, it is caring, it is love because love is an action.
I sticker them, and put transfers and get excited thinking of the people who will like this postcard or that one. I hear from readers and people who get postcards that they now send postcards to their own circle. That they are the hub of letting people know they care in a tactile way. No, it isn’t 20,000 new jobs, or the same sort of stresses we have, over money, over health, over family, the worries we have are not all solved by me. But I can make you feel a little less lonely, because I care, and I hope it shows, in a clumsy way, in the postcards I send. I can give you a dash of color and fun.

And yes, I can send you a postcard with a unicorn.

So just send your name and address and that you want a unicorn, or a rainbow, or whatever might make you happy to me at mpshiel at It isn’t a religion, it isn’t a list compiled for anything other than caring and sending free things.