Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Everyone Loves a Puffin, a new record and on to 3,500 postcards

Everyone loves a puffin. That’s what I believe. I mean, who could hate a puffin, are there really people sitting around going, “Those Darn Puffins!”And for otters and squirrels, can you really hate them? I guess if you try!

The exciting news is that I sent out, with Linda and Cheryl’s help, 94 postcards in less than two days. All were individually stickered, were stamped, were selected for the individual and hand written. The bad news is I only had stamps for 100 so this week is a little short until the postage stamps I ordered arrive. That also makes a new record, 94 in one go. If course I wanted to do another 7 postcards, but I was WAY too exhausted, because 101 sounds SO much larger than 94 right? Either way, it bring the informal count to 3,400+ and I should send 3,500 before Xmas.

It doesn’t really count if you are not having fun, right. Here I sent some anime style postcards, for those who like Yaoi or male/male love, those who like anime girls (I think that is most guys and a lot of girls) and those who like couples. Plus a team of fun, going on adventures.

There were some very large postcards which allowed us to make a garden, a scene of the autumn with Canada geese heading south, the last of the sunflowers and birds looking for food, while the stickers and postage stamp, picked up in Hawaii remind us of warmer times. While Panda’s are cool, but then so are Ninja kitty’s or cats who THINK they are hiding because their head is covered. It is fun, it is whimsical, it supposed to be. Time spent to make a place just for you.

I also sent out some goth girls, and some postcards showing girl friends, the kind of friend you meet up for wine, or go camping with, as well as what is common this time of year, the Kitchen assault for baking! Will the kitchen survive? Will any cookies make it to your party?

Postcards are little snapshots that amuse us, that reflect our life, our dreams, our experiences, our fantasies, and titillate our idea of beauty. Here we have the beauty of a nebula in space, as seen from the Hubble Telescope, to the smell, and sight, of a library with hard wood floors, and the smell of leather books. Those libraries of silence but the click, clack of the librarian walking over, heard while your head is still down reading. It is pobably time to close and they are kicking you out (that is what always happened to me).

There are postcards from many different people, some bought, some gifted, each matched to somewhere else, someone else and sent on. Six or more people’s postcard gifts were sent on that week. Plus our stickers are a collection of gifts and bought. So from Bonsai Trees and Japanese art, to Hello Kitty sailing off in her air balloon (wow does she get around!) or playing rub-a-dub-dub in the bath (make note to have bath tonight!), the stickers are there for whimsy, for fun, for looking at the back more than once. From Where the Wild Things Are, to Antique Cars, birds and lighthouses, the postcards are made to try and find something you will enjoy – a mini movie, a pictorial book. So why not email me and let me send you one? Onward to 3,500!