Monday, July 12, 2010

Over 5,000 free postcards sent but it is 1 that matters (the naked woman with sword?).

Over 5,000 postcards have been sent out now, one postcard at a time, well more like 33, or 48 or 64 postcards at a time. But even with slow weeks it is still above 125 postcards a month, which is not bad. I want to post here every 2 weeks to update what has happened in the last two weeks (so the postcards I talk about have already arrived).

I have been busy and ill, ill and busy. It is odd that the more ill I get, the less energy I have to do things (I think this has to do with increasing gravitational pull or the shift of the moon, no other explanations come to mind). But because I value with a burning intensity the post which comes to me, I know that others must as well.

I used to believe that ALL people had the exact same loves as me to the same degree: they loved Underwood Typewriter No. 5, books they must own even if they put them aside to read, the interesting language usage of the Victorian writers, (“Stop my dear!” Fredrick ejaculated, “The plum hat with feather clashes with your taupe bustle”) and of course, dark chocolate. I have discovered, with the hundreds of different requests that there is not only diversity in the human mind, there is diversity in the human desire. As I burn hot for Japanese Edo stationery sets with Hello Kitty, others love just as much cute animals, Japanese Washi Paper, and singing pop stars.
I have oft wanted to throw out the title ‘The EFM Postcard Project’ and call this, ‘The Clearing House of Human Desires.’ I, along with my partner and sister find and create postcards which are often one and only, some gifts from others who have received postcards, and try to stuff them thematically with all that is interesting , a postcard creation which says, “Hey, this is some kick-ass postcard made by a real person”. (Choice #2: “The Kick Ass Free Postcard Project”). When you request a postcard, send an email to the address in the header of this blog, but if you can be general, or talk about what you like I can try to find the ‘right’ card for you, since so many cards are one-offs, meaning, I only have one (like the naked sword woman - pixelated breasts for blog!).

For example, when a reader goes to Patagonia and gets some postcards of Whales from the tip of South America near Antarctica, I might know JUST the person who would love that. But once I have sent these, they are gone. Even if you email me and go, "Send me one!" I can wheel to my bed or the bathroom, getting to Patagonia to get more postcards – BUZZZZZ! Not possible! So please give a couple options: “I like classic film actors like James Dean, I like black and white photos of the 50’s and I like the colour puple as well as automobiles and motorcycles.” – that I can send you several postcards so I can send you postcards as often as I am able. If instead I get: “I like aqua blue shaved male heads, lighting hitting power cables and the disappeared ship Celeste” – I can tell you….you are getting a nice nature card. Because I don’t have those three things.

We have LOTS of subcatagories, like ‘animals in nature’ or ‘forests’ or ‘Twilight related postcards’ or ‘Somewhere wild’ or ‘Tropical and beaches’. For example, the waterfall shown here is for me, one of the most beautiful pictures of South Africa, which I had to order from Germany to get. I love that image. I want to find the image you love too.

I not only decorate the front but also the backbased on your interests, your sexual orientation (or inclinations, like ‘beautiful androgynous boys’ or ‘fairies’), and what might make you happy using wooden stamps, rubber stamps and stickers. Some of the stamps I need my partner Linda to do because I don’t have the hand pressure to get a great impression or the ability to do a couple colours. All three of us LOVE sending you new and fun stamps on cool postcards.

You know that woman who goes, “Won’t someone think of the children!”? Well, I am like that, without Linda holding me back, I would stamp and match all night and day for days, because I keep seeing another person who could use a postcard. “I can’t not send one to THEM.” (so if you change your postal address please let me know, as getting them back ‘return to sender’ really, really, REALLY sucks).

The more you write to me, if you send me cards or a letter, the more I know what to send you and the more I know YOU. So it gets easier to know that you would like a woman with a pen because you are writing a novel. Or that you like steampunk and I could give you a steampunk postcard, or the lonely beautiful boy in winter, as having your isolation articulated is what you want. And if you like yaoi or furries in military or certain war uniforms, well, I find them, I get them and I send them. It is a part of what I do.

Sending postcards is hard some weeks, it is fun some weeks, it is part of what I do not because I have profit sharing in the US postal system (though I WISH I did) but because at the end of every postcard is a person. And doing something for someone that is thought out in love, and about them: that is cool. I don’t get a lost of post, a postcard or two a week, a letter or so, but I send out a lot of post/mail every week. So maybe like me, you get a postcard that week. Wish I could have 40 people sending you post, but I can at least send post to 40 or 50 or 65 people. Yesterday it was 50, fifty people who get post this week who would not usually. That's the postcard that matters, the one that comes for you.


Lindi said...

I love what you do! Thanks again for my cards. (2 now). Each one has arrived at the precise moment I have needed a bit of cheering up. :)

wendryn said...

I always love getting the cards, and they are always quite beautiful. Thank you so much for your friendship and attention and for all the energy you put in for so many people all over the world!


Raccoon said...

I still don't know how you do it. I mean, I have problems sending out my Christmas cards!

SharonMV said...

Once again, beautiful postcards! And once again, an astounding plethora of cards. The stamping has really grown in skill, creativity & of course range since the beginning of the project. Linda's stamping of the large bi-colored botanical images is lovely. I really enjoy seeing the mass of postcards displayed - as you say the wishes of the human heart are varied indeed. I love seeing all the stamp & sticker work.

Not to sound greedy (although I am), I'd love to get a postcard soon (maybe something from the great Road Trip). It has been many soons since an EFM card has come for me. Not to diminish the lovely gift (the all black paper journal) that came a while back, but there is nothing like the joy of receieving one of your postcards.


FridaWrites said...

Me too, Raccoon! These are a stellar batch. Beautiful animals, nice nature cards, Victorian women.

Anonymous said...

Cool. :)