Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Battered not Broken. Never give up! You are NEVER Alone.

I made a promise: that I would keep sending postcards to anyone who asked, free of charge until the moment I died.

I’m NOT DEAD YET! I may be battered and bruised but not broken, I lost sight of the forest for the trees, I got down, I felt alone….I was a great candidate for the postcard project. The truth is, I have a disease which, had I known what was coming a year or two ago I would have said, “I can’t do it, I just can’t.” But I would have. The last 300 plus days, I live because of planning and will power, and I hope to do so for at least 100, 200 days more. We do not know what the body is capable of, not until we are tested. We do not know how to run a marathon, until we run it.

The one thing I know is that I was never alone. And I was always alone. I had Linda and Cheryl, and the many friends who keep me getting up every day, who help me, unknowing, when my arms are shaking during a transfer and I fall and say, “Well, let’s try take 4!” I am not alone. You are not alone. The postcard will come to remind you, that no matter how alone you feel, you are not alone. In this there is power.
We find joy, we find happiness in small spots of sunshine in a spring or autumn day. Care and love show us that we are loved. The question is, will you allow yourself TO be loved? If the answer is yes, then ask for a postcard. Email me and ask for a postcard. I was sick and post went out. Postcards are being matched now.

A little Yaoi stickers and the tree of fun, for females who like yaoi/gay/slash fan fiction.
Want fantasy? Want goth? Yes, I send that. Free.

Are you gay or lesbian, transsexual, transgender, queer, intersex, open relationship, tri-relationship or multipartnership and want a postcard? I have got a postcard for you. I love this femme uke, (I so want PJ’s with ears now!), who knows who he is, girl’s hair bands and feminine snuggle and all. I love the two female who show they love, bisexual or lesbian, you love who you love when you love. And I have a post card for you.

A little light bondage, a little goth, or do you want science, do you want a single strong image for your Autism, I do that.
The innocence in Anime? The savagry in Nature? Do you want to see the world created, the universe, the sun, the solar system or anime for your family, for your children, something maybe just for you. I do that. Request a postcard for you, for your family, for your lonely child away, for your misunderstood loved one. As long as I live, the postcards go out. That is what matters. The numbers do not matter, whether I have reached 5,000 or will reach 10,000 does not matter. Your postcard matters. Your daughters postcard matters. Your transitioning child’s postcard matters, your gay/lesbian/bi/trans/queer friend’s postcard matters. Your cosplay, ren play, camp, burlesque, kink interests matter. Your knitting and love of books matter.
What is harder to believe? That someone out there, who has never met you; who will NEVER meet you is going to spend hours to make sure you get something that makes you happy, and they are doing it for free? OR that you deserve it?

I have a couple thousand postcard waiting for you to ask for one, tell me your interests and let me surprise you.