Thursday, November 18, 2010

An elegy for all the paths we never took

As you trust me, so I trust you.We have to choose one another. That is the path we take...or not.

The Postcard Project has one objective: to give you (completely free and confidential) something tangible to hold, to see, to feel, to remind you that all states of experience, you are human, I am human, and that is enough. That if you trust me in this, I will not fail, I have not failed over 1,000 people. Regardless of age, of creed, of location or country – if you can read this post, if you can email me somewhere to send, then I will reach you. I will keep trying until I do.
What happens once the postcard has reached you is up to you to decide. And decide again, since until I cannot, I will reach out again (with my partner and sister helping).

There are times of love, and joy, and celebration of being female,being male, being your identity, being in love, being alive, being sexual, and sensual.
The postcard is fantasy, it is encouragement, it is a companion against loneliness, it is a smile between friends. It is what you need it to be. Sometimes that is adventure, and courage.

And to know, really KNOW that post/mail is coming, that someone knows your name, and a little part of you, and cares about that part can sometimes get you through.

Why? Why at 400 postcards did I keep going until now it is between 5,000-6,000? Because in life there are things we control and things we do not control. I wish I could stop the isolation people feel. I wish I could stop the violence against minorities, against women, against LGB people and the extreme violence against openly T people. I wish to stop all that hurts and seperates us. I wish people with disabilities were integrated and valued in society, that ALL human experience was valued and incorporated into our society in an equal way. But this is not the world we live in...yet. I can't control that, I can control caring and sending (go Astro Boy).
They say something about making a light or cursing the darkness. For me, no matter what is taken away from me, I can continue in this course, to hopefully help someone believe that life doesn't suck ALL the time. That is the joy of giving, and giving things that are fun, and amazing and wonderful.

Whatever postcard that would bring a smile,that makes your life a touch better, whatever postcard you need, or want to see, if I can send it, I will. It is a promise I have kept for three years now, I think. Or 1,000 days for 1,000 people. Because I cannot wait for the world to change for the better, I must change it.

An excerpt from a song by Lars Winnerback (translated)

For the shadow above the garden, where the sun never shined
For a silence between the walls, that cut through cement
Two pair of eyes in emptiness from September to advent
For a man that went to work, like nothing had happened
For the women that said that everything is broken, everything is burned
Now nothing would ever be like before
If you know loss, I can be there a little, not to erase it, simply to be beside you. If you know being alone and alienation, I do as well, and will try to lift you up with something special. If you know joy of first meetings, or the happiness of life going well, I know this as well. I hope the postcards you get are the postcards you need.
An elegy for all the paths we never took, a celebration for all those we did. (that's me boxing, or getting hit by the heavy bag: is that courage or stupidity?)
Because if we didn’t – how could I have met you?
Singing the song Elegy, Lars Winnerbeck and Anna Ternheim. Ask for a card, just email me (mpshiel at and let me know, about you and what you would like. And you will have something to hold too.