Friday, February 18, 2011

Be happy doing nothing: Nothing Matters!

Nothing Matters! It is so true, if I can be at peace with ‘Nothing’, then it matters: very zen! Emily the Strange: Philosophy and Goth in one.
Postcards are fun, in case you didn’t know. They are fun to look at, they are fun to send, and they are fun to get. In the UK film series, Shooting the Past, there is a company that houses pictures, hundreds of thousands of pictures, and the pictures connect things, create stories, connect stories, connect history.

Someone asked on a comment, “Where do I get the postcards”, some are donations, though most donations of postcards are postcards of not high enough quality to be used. But mostly it is finding them, and buying them one by one. And to do that, after I have to make personal relations with individuals over the net, so I email several times a person in Japan which sells me a set of Ghibli postcards, which are only for sale in Japan, and now not in print. Where DID I get that postcard of women trying on swimsuits made out of wood? Yaoi postcards come from collectors, or from the companies themselves if I have a friend I email there. Hello Kitty, again from Japan, while some airplane ones come from the States, from Stamp collectors, or postcard collectors or train collectors, or books, now out of print, of California, or Earth from Above. And thus, one by one do 51 postcards from last weekend get assembled.
There are useful lessons in postcards, like: ‘Try not to have too many undead friends’ or ‘Goth Girls should be nicer to their bunnies’

The postcard is about interests, or memories, or sensual, sexual, identity, loves or pleasing to the eye, or mind, or to the tongue firmly planted in the cheek.

And the postcard is sometimes about dreams or goals or just places to be that aren’t here and rainy, or snow filled, or hot or dull. Because even living in the place everyone wants to live, like Banff, gets dull quickly (of course your dull 'here' is someone else's exotic 'there'). Like up on the Queen Charlottes, nothing like eagles constantly on the road pecking at road kill to make jogging difficult, “Shoo, you bald eagles, shoo! Oh great, here comes some more deer.”

These days, most days, I am good at nothing, which means I’m not lazy, I’m just practicing my philosophy.